Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Progress Report and Event Coming Soon!

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted any news! Sorry about that! Seems like all I do is run the roads with Bryson these days, taking him to appointment after appointment. Bryson continues to show progress from the stem cell treatment he had almost 3 mos ago. He is actually getting on his hands and knees now, in a crawling position, and is crawling a few steps at a time. He used to only be able to army crawl, pulling himself with his arms, with his little legs dragging behind him. I was standing there in total shock and disbelief when he was doing it! Very exciting to see! He is still going poop with no medications whatsoever and he is going like clockwork every night at 6pm when I sit him on the potty. This is great news for a kid with spina bifida, because the bladder and bowel has such issues due to damaged nerves. He still doesn't feel the "urge" to go, but he goes and it's a giant step forward! We're still not sure about what effects the stem cell treatment is having on his bladder because he still has the vesicostomy in place, but I am confident that when he has a urodynamics test done in August, to test the bladder function, it will show great results and we can have the vesicostomy reversed. Bryson is continuing the get stronger and has more endurance while walking in his RGO braces, with his walker and he is also gaining muscle mass and is growing taller. A big barrel race event is coming up on July 20th and will be the 2nd barrel race event to raise money for Bryson's next stem cell treatment. It's gonna be phenomenal! My parents' vet, Dr. Wes Williams, is putting it on and it is going to be top-notch, to say the least. It's going to be a 3 day event, with wonderful prizes, such as hand-crafted saddles, buckles, IPads, and $15,000 in cash money! Way bigger than the one we had last year! Even more amazing is, the tv show RFDTV is going to do a 15 min segment that will be televised on a show called Horse Talk. RFDTV is a farm and ranch show on cable and has about 3-4 million viewers! As soon as I find out the air date, I will let everyone know so they can watch it because and Bryson and I will be interviewed! God is working in a big way in this little boy and in our family right now. I am continually praising Him for all His blessings and favor that are being poured out over us and Bryson. I posted Bryson's progress after stem cell treatment on a spina bifida facebook page and I am getting an overwhelming amount of moms wanting information on stem cell treatment and I am honored to be able to help those moms by telling them of our experience with stem cell treatment and by helping their children get the help they need to give them better quality of life through stem cells. Nova Cell Institute, and the treatment they do, has been such a blessing in our life and I am so happy to share everything with these moms! I truly feel God is using Bryson in a big way to help others. Thank you Jesus for your healing!

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